(1756-1843) Revolutionary soldier and famous revolutionary artist.
“God would graciously pour out His Holy Spirit on us to bring us to a through Repentance and effectual Reformation that our iniquities may not be our ruin; that He would restore, preserve and secure the Liberties of this and all the other British American colonies, and make the Land a mountain of Holiness, and Habitation of Righteousness forever.”


(1737-1793) American Merchant, President of Provincial Congress of Massachusetts, President of Congress that produced the Declaration of Independence and signer of.
"We think it is incumbent upon this people to humble themselves before God on account of their sins... [And] also to implore the Divine Blessing upon us, that by the assistance of His grace, we may be enabled to reform whatever is amiss among us, that so God may be pleased to continue to us the blessings we enjoy."


(1725-1792) American Revolutionary Statesman, Lawyer, Judge, Political Philosopher, Planter, Principal Author of the “Bill of Rights”.
"My soul, I resign into the hands of my Almighty Creator, whose tender mercies are all over His works, who hateth nothing that He hath made and to the Justice and Wisdom of who dispensation I willingly and cheerfully submit, humbly hoping from His unbounded mercy and benevolence, through the merits of my blessed Savior, a remission of my sins."

(1746-1807) Patriot Pastor, Major General in Continental Army, Vice-President of Pennsylvania, U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senator.
"There is a time for all things, a time to preach and a time to pray, but those times have passed away.  There is a time to fight and that time has now come."
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