Chuck Houchins is co-founder of FOUNDING QUOTES, established in October, 2000.  His personal objective is to communicate and expound the thoughts, ideas and words of the founders as they were led to lay the Godly foundation of our nation, thereby displaying our Christian heritage mortared into the ethic of America.  FOUNDING QUOTES presents at schools, churches, festivals, political rallies, and other public gatherings.  He specializes in character presentations of Patrick Henry, while including various other founding fathers. His presentations reflect extensive research and documentation of a major body of founding philosophies and writings.
Chuck Houchins

Rick Dixon
Additional work in community theatre/musical allowed the opportunity to portray Captain Meriwether Lewis as the 200th Anniversary of Lewis and Clark Expedition approached.  Chuck also works as a demonstrator of early American living skills with local and regional museums, arts centers, and living history projects. His specialty in this area is the restoration and preservation of 18th and 19th century log structures.

As the son of a career Air Force father, Chuck appreciates the opportunity to bring the tribute "full circle" in honoring all who served from the founding fathers to current active military personnel.  Married for 22 years, he and his wife have three daughters.
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